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Why Get a Reading & What to do Afterwards

Within our bodies is a soul that has lived many lives. You will uncover information about yourself that can heal past patterns and traumatic feelings after an evolutionary astrology natal chart reading.

Learning about your chart helps you recognize and heal energetic patterns in this life that might be influenced by the past. Some even say that everything you need to know is already inside you. You are not here to learn. You are here to remember your own unique magnificence and gifts that you brought with you to share with the world.

After a reading, you might discover the root cause of trauma or illness you experience. You will gain new perspectives and understand how to potentially heal relationships and increase emotional intelligence. Releasing emotions and fears that you have felt but didn’t know the source is very common. You will begin to discover more peace, love, and compassion for self and others. You might also realize you have hidden talents. Evolutionary astrology can also give you the tools to address your shadow and high/low vibrations of each sign. A reading will help you understand and realign with your path and purpose in this lifetime.

The most crucial aspect of your natal chart reading will be your Pluto placement. Pluto is where we are deeply disempowered and wounded.

It is also the root desire of the soul, so it brings about transformation, sometimes painfully. Life (Pluto) will force the soul to grow, there is nothing you have to do to relinquish control. We all resist the evolutionary change our souls want to some degree. A reading will help you identify repeating patterns and trauma. After a session, you will know your karmic (evolutionary) signature. You will understand the signatures of the past, and the evolutionary intentions for this lifetime. The goal is to be able to accept your signature and emotionally embrace it. We all have parts of ourselves we don’t like or wish were different. After a reading, you will know how to cooperate with this unfolding evolutionary process.

Part of the process if accepting the feelings of being uncomfortable. The first step to changing behavior is becoming aware you are in it. That way, the next time you feel yourself going into the same pattern, you can notice it and make a different choice. You are changing a behavior/habit, which takes effort, time, and determination. Addressing these patterns goes straight to the soul (the heart of trauma). You can change, you are not entrapped.

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