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Virgo/The Sixth House/Mercury

Virgo is Earth, Yin, and a mutable sign (meaning easily changing forms, energy flows without impediment).

Virgo is a transitional archetype.

Virgo also represents inferiority.

Virgo is about learning to be of service to the larger whole, not just the self. Virgo is about self-improvement and humility and makes us aware of other people and the social system around us. It enforces introspection, creating an awareness of what we are lacking, imperfection, and inadequacy. Virgo can generate feelings of guilt. Virgo is aware that an ultimate something exists, something that created everything, not just the individual.

Attention is shifted from the “I” to “we” in the sign of Virgo. Virgo leads us to an in-depth process of examination. A humble process of self-improvement and how we interact. How are you giving or being of service? Virgo helps us organize and package things, so there is a sense of serenity. Virgo energy discriminates and takes a fine-tooth comb to each item and then groups accordingly.

Virgo helps us clear out that which is not needed. This is done on a psychological and environmental level. Virgo can make us want to be perfect.

To feel Virgo energy, think of times you created order out of chaos. When was the last time someone told you that you needed to improve? Did you feel humiliated?

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