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The Second House – Taurus/Venus

Evolutionary Astrology focuses on using your natal chart to identify the placement of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies at the time of your birth. The natal chart is broken down into different segments or houses. Each house, and the heavenly bodies within it, tell us something about your current and past lives. Overall, there are twelve houses. In this series, we’ll focus on each one to provide a little more in-depth information on what it means when that space is active or inactive. 


When considering astrological houses in traditional astrology, the Second House, ruled by Taurus/Venus, is usually associated with money, finance, and personal belongings. But Evolutionary Astrology is a bit different. Because we are focusing on your soul’s journey through multiple lives, the houses as we usually see them can shift meaning. For my work, the Second House is associated with essential values and “the self,” including how you value yourself. 


Taurus is yin (inward moving energy) and a fixed earth sign. Remember, Evolutionary Astrology follows the law of three. When you see Taurus, Venus, or the Second House, the archetypal energy is the same. This energy is stable and grounding. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and it represents our instinct to survive and coordinates with our value system and self-esteem. Evolutionary astrology teaches there are two layers to Venus, essential needs and our relationship with others. Taurus is the root of the value we place on our needs and sense of meaning in our lives. This sign is associated with the needs of evolutionary intention and survival. It is our instinct to survive and meet all the essential needs we have.  


Taurus is also a lens for observation. It correlates to needs and values that are psychological and self-contained. The shadow side of Taurus is total isolation. This dark side has been active during COVID-19 and has brought us many Taurus lessons. Remember when we couldn’t buy toilet paper in the grocery store? This was because toilet paper is viewed as an essential need in our society. We were also forced to go inward with our families in isolated doing only what was absolutely necessary outside the home.  


To connect with the energy of Taurus, pay attention to your body, feelings, and how you perceive your needs. Think about your values, security, and money. If the Second House is active, take a deeper dive into how you determine success. What happens if you aren’t successful? How do you move forward when your ideals don’t match what’s currently happening in your life? If you are too focused on money or possessions, it might be time to explore your self-value separately from physical representations of wealth.

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