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The First House – Aries/Mars Archetype

Evolutionary Astrology focuses on using your natal chart to identify the placement of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies at the time of your birth. The natal chart is broken down into different segments or houses. Each house, and the heavenly bodies within it, tell us something about your current and past lives. Overall, there are twelve houses. In this series, we’ll focus on each one to provide a little more in-depth information on what it means when that space is active or inactive. 


The first house carries the archetypical energy and meaning associates with Aries and Mars. Evolutionary astrology operates by the laws of three. Anytime you see the sign Aries, a planet in the first house, or Mars, know that these all carry the same energetic vibration.  


Aries is a cardinal, fire, and yang sign. Cardinal means the energy of initiating or the desire to start something with full force. Aries correlates with the power of new beginnings. It represents the energy of moving outwards from the center. Think about when a baby is born and is separated from the mother. It is exhilarating to be born, but also anxiety-producing to be separated from the womb’s safety.  


The first house represents you, your body/appearance, and the parts of your life lived in front of others. This is where your rising sign/ascendant sign begins. The relationship you have to your body is directly related to the sign on the cusp of the first house. This is the most public area of the chart. If you have planets here, it can feel very intense. I often think that the first house is the place where we can’t hide from ourselves. We can wear a mask but not from our own eyes. I have my moon and north node here, so you could say “I bet the house” on my evolution this time around. If you have your moon in the first house, it is hard to hide your emotions. 

Planets in the first house are intense and carry essential life lessons.  


The first house/Aries/Mars is the energy of breaking away from the known into a new experience. To feel this energy, think about your first job when you first left home, or what did it feel like to have your first relationship? Was there curiosity? What did you learn about yourself the last time you initiated something new?  

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