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Taurus Full Blue Moon

Halloween 2020 marks a once in a lifetime full blue moon, this is a very rare event that occurs once every 18-19 years.  Halloween was originally an ancient Celtic festival to honor the dead, this year it also falls on the Taurus Full Moon illuminated by the Scorpio Sun.  The moon is in exact alignment with the planet Uranus, which represents shock and sudden change.  This full moon has the potential to push us all out of our comfort zone.  Unexpected deep feelings or unexpected shifts of power can occur.  A sense of impending change is making it very difficult for anyone to relax.  I expect for us all to see some big secrets revealed on a large scale.

This moon is bringing truth to life and safety depends on our need for stability, which is nearly impossible to satisfy is the current climate.  Change needs to be accepted.  Give yourself love and positive reinforcement, give yourself the respect you deserve.  It is easier to find peace and tranquility in the outside world so take some time tonight to bathe in the light of Full Blue Taurus Moon and dedicate this Halloween full moon ritual to yourself.

Given that it is Halloween I realize that you might have other plans so here are some quick tips to use some of this energy for your personal healing.

  • Do spend some time bathing in the moonlight even if it’s just 10 minutes (take advantage of witnessing this magnificent moon).
  • Take a bath or longer shower and enjoy the cleansing properties of the water (always associated with the moon).
  • Sit a mason jar out with water and allow it to bathe in the moonlight. Be sure to bring it in the morning before the sun has risen entirely if possible.  You can use this enhanced water for your plants, bathing, or dump it in a ritual manor.
  • Light a candle, cleanse your home and your own body with sage or Palo Santo. Spend a few brief minutes in meditation (pull some tarot cards if that’s your style).

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