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Solar Eclipse & Sagittarius New Moon

Tonight, we will experience a total new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius.  Solar eclipses are like potent new moons and they unlock the door to a new portal of energy.  While the eclipse brings intense energy there is a feeling of strong energy bringing challenges but rewards.  Saturn has been in Capricorn, its home sign, for 2.5 years and they have been hard years!  Personally, the last 3 years have brought more change and challenges than I have ever experienced in my 38 years.  Saturn rules Capricorn and is also known as the lord of karma and time.  He has taken us all through some difficult experiences and in the comings months ahead we will be able to reap the rewards and gifts of our diligent work.

The new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius brings expansion, transformation, and change.  This new moon will meet up with the moon’s south node in Sagittarius, the south node represents our past lives, karmic cycles, and energies carried and mastered in past lives.  The north node is the energy and mission we are moving towards in this life.  It is where we need to grow.  This new moon will bring the opportunity to set new intentions and begin to make a conscious effort to make the final shift to healing and freeing yourself from the restraints of your past to finally end old cycles that no longer serve us.  It is time to make decisions that align with what we want deep down.  With this energy expect the unexpected, remain open and allow the challenges and changes to be a new path towards growth and transformation.

Tonight, make time for yourself.  Meditate, practice yoga, mindful breathing, or write down what you would like to manifest or work towards from now until the full moon.  Find stability in your soul and heart tonight.  This energy brings the ability to see the big pictures so be sure to create a vision for your perspectives on life and expand your consciousness.  Make space to heal and honor your emotions, give yourself the time to know you on a deeper level.  Reflect back on this past year and all you have gone through, I literally moved across the country from VA to CA with my Standard Poodle this year!  All of us have been challenged with overwhelming personal obstacles let alone the impacts of a pandemic on the soul.  You have overcome and weathered important lessons are meant to be living this life on this planet.  Use this energy to get clear on what choices you want to make and create.  New moons are often a great time for new beginnings but I would avoid any new beginnings at this full moon, just wait a few days.

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