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Sept. 17 – Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon Is all about making a new start, and there is a desire to do things the “right way.” Virgo is an earth sign. This is an excellent time to take care of your body in all ways possible. Eat the right foods, exercise, meditate, pray, take time out for yourself. The Virgo new moon brings mutable earth energy to our lives. It is a time of intense focus, and it can bring a jump start for the physical body. This new moon reminds us that as important as our mind is, if we neglect our bodies, they will suffer and let us know. When we nurture one part of the system, we nurture the other end and thus allow universal assistance. If you find yourself feeling unwell in any regard – physical, emotional, energetic – this is the time to clear up any aspect of your life. The Virgo new moon is a time to start fresh and renewed. 

It is a time to begging or add projects to your like. You could find yourself getting a little obsessive over your time, energy, and schedule. 

This is a great time to purify your mind and body by cutting back on alcohol, sugar, and get some green veggies into your daily diet. Don’t forget to do your new moon ritual!

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