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Scorpio/8th House/Pluto

Scorpio energy is yin (moving inward), fixed (energy doesn’t move easily).  The Scorpio archetype correlates to the soul itself.  The archetype here is metamorphosis linked with evolution.  Remember a metamorphosis means the caterpillar turns into a goo before it is completely transformed into a butterfly.  Thus, the form is completed changed into something completely different after a Scorpio/8th house/Pluto experience.  Scorpio is the deepest unconscious sense of security. Scorpio is the merger of the soul to another, to totally merge, and marry.  In Scorpio we are vulnerable with others.  Scorpio represents marriage and sex through deep union.  Scorpio is also related to the archetype of entrapment.

The instinct to merge and develop empowerment.  Observe limitation of self and see something else that is empowering.  Scorpio is how you emotionally bond and fall in love with someone.  Find something of value and pull towards it.  All relationships have some type of loss or betrayal.

What does the merging or attachment process teach us?  Think of the last time you had an emotional conflict and felt disempowered?  When we are betrayed, we experience a deep violation of personal boundaries.  Think of the pain of your last breakup.

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