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Sagittarius/9th House/Jupiter

Sagittarius, the centaur, is half philosophical human and have instinctual horse.  The philosopher is joined by wild animal.  Sagittarius is the arrow, seeking higher levels of wisdom, feeling what it feels like to truly be free.

The Sagittarius archetype/energy is yang (outward moving energy), element of fire, and mutable (changeable energy).  Sagittarius us ruled by Jupiter.  Sagittarius is the awareness that we are linked to something larger than the planet.  It is connected to our right brain, represents intuition.  Connected with belief systems and the transmission of ideas.  One’s reality is connected to their belief systems.  Sagittarius is fundamentally restless, carries the need to explore and represents long journeys.  Carries a tendency to want to connect to others, maybe even by sharing a story of our travels.    One’s vision and beliefs are influenced by what one has been influenced by and exposed to.  When you have an emotional connection, this gives a sense of familiarity with something and represents Sagittarius energy.

Sagittarius brings an intensity to life.  There is something more out there.  Part of the fire trine.  Sagittarius is what is beyond limitations.  It is the invitation to deeply connect with and search life beyond the horizons.  This is why it is associated with long journeys and far away lands.  Sagittarius is also about laughter and not always taking life so seriously.  Life is birth/death and also a journey that takes place in between.  You need to laugh in life.  Jupiter is laughing, jovial, explosive energy.  All religions are represented through the Sagittarius archetype.  It represents how we wrap our beliefs around our reality and define the meaning we find in life.  Religion and natural belief systems help us make sense of the world we live in.  Sagittarius correlates to honesty.

Vision and beliefs are influenced by what you have been exposed to.  Emotional connection gives a sense of familiarity. To really feel the energy of Sagittarius, think about the last time you took a big adventure.  Think about when you tell a story related to that adventure and how you can feel the energy of the memory.

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