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Rituals for Healing Trauma & Accessing Inner Power

Ceremony & ritual have been a way for people to connect with inner power for centuries. The subconscious brain does not know the difference between past and present. Therefore, ceremonies that focus on releasing and renewal provide a symbolic way to begin to separate and heal from most trauma. Rituals help close a chapter in the past and leave that world behind. Here are a few practices to try on your own, see for yourself if you feel lighter, renewed, and empowered!

Bury or Burn the Past

Write a letter getting out your true feelings regarding anything you wish to release. Then hold a ritual in which you burn or bury the message. You might burn or bury a small object that represents what you are releasing. This could be the photo of an abuser, trinket from a romantic relationship, even the ashes of a loved one. Please use your judgment and safety if you use fire.

Use the Healing Power of Water

Many people feel healed by water and the ocean. Water signs include Cancer, Scorpio, and Pieces; therefore, trips to the seaside and relaxing ritual bubble baths naturally heal these signs. Most of us that have ever taken a walk in the ocean tide know the healing power of saltwater and ionized air. Find some rocks or shells on the beach that you are attracted to. Write the name of whatever you wish to release on your new find. Take some time to “transfer” whatever you need to release into the object, then give it a healthy chuck into the sea. You can also perform this ritual at a lake or river, or any body of water where you find healing.

Cleanse Your Space with Smoke

A ritual can be as simple as lighting incense. Incense like sage, palo santo, or mugwort can clear bad energy. Think of hunters smoking out a fox hole. The smoke from incense gets in the nooks and crannies of your space, cleansing it all. Take a moment to focus on what you feel ready to release. After setting your intention, simply cleanse yourself and your space in any way that feels comfortable.

Embrace Energy Healing

Energy healing of any sort including massage, reiki, essential oils, acupuncture, cranial-sacral work, yoga, or any peaceful meditative state. All of these healing arts offer you a chance to relax your mind and body, promoting the physical and emotional release of pain.

Hold Space Through Visualization

If you have trauma related to grieving the loss of a loved one, try holding them in deep thought and visualize them healthy, strong, and happy. When you visualize someone you have lost, you connect with the essence of them as you know and remember them. This can help you tune into the feeling of knowing that they are always with you. By doing this ritual, you integrate the deceased person back into your life in a way that promotes comfort and security. There can be a profound realization that they are not gone. Instead, your relationship with them has transformed in a perfectly natural way.

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