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Aries Full Moon

October breezes in on the wings of a special Aries full moon lit up by the Libra sun.  This is the harvest moon; it is big bright and closest to the fall equinox.  The light of the harvest moon traditionally gave farmers more time to harvest their crops.

Libra/7th House/Venus

Libra is where we embrace the world of the social other, the shift from subjective to objective consciousness.  The impulse is to initiate relationships and learn the balance of relationships to self and relationship with others.

Release Negativity with a Cord Cutting Ceremony

This ceremony is when it is time for you to release something from yourself that has an energetic cord or attachment.  This could be about a relationship that has ended, a past relationship that you can’t seem to get over, or something that you are dissolving and changing in your life such as career or location.

Sept. 17 – Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon Is all about making a new start, and there is a desire to do things the “right way.” This is an excellent time to take care of your body in all ways possible.

  • Full Moon in Aquarius

August 3 – Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius full moon signals a once-a-year time of completions and endings linked to friends, organizations, and societies. If things aren’t working for you in these areas, this is a great time to wrap it up and bring it to a peaceful ending.

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