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Pluto in the 7th House/Libra

Libra and the 7th house are a cardinal sign so this represents a new evolutionary cycle. Those with Pluto in the 7th have been involved in many relationships. The 7th house is not the house of marriage but the house that represents all the individual relationships one has in life. This includes partnerships of all kinds such as work, business associates, and friends.

Pluto in the 6th House/Virgo

These souls have been learning to serve society or individuals.  They have been learning lessons of humility, self-doubt, discrimination, purification, and self-improvement.  These qualities are developed through self-analysis.  Virgo symbolizes how individuals in a society within a society learn to function in society.

Pluto in the 5th House/Leo

This fixed fire sign generates people who feel like they have a special destiny to fulfill in this life. Pluto in the 5th house indicates the destiny has been formed and they need to actualize it.

Gemini Full Moon

This partial lunar eclipse with a Gemini Full Moon is illuminated by the Sagittarius Sun.  Lunar eclipses bring in a tremendous burst of energy like a super charged full moon.  A lunar eclipse illuminates what needs to be cleared away in our life, shining a light on all that is no longer needed.

Pluto in the Third House/Gemini

People with Pluto in the 3rd house have an emphasis on developing communication and intellect.  This soul thrives collecting data, information, and facts.  These individuals have a desire to experience many circumstances and situations.

Pluto in the 2nd House/Taurus

These souls will have a strong survival instinct and sexual nature.  Sometimes they need to withdraw from life to develop their own value systems. They need to be aware to not over withdraw from life to develop their own value systems.

Scorpio New Moon

Into the watery depths we go with the 3rd and final super new moon of the year.  This new moon is going to be deeply emotional but also deeply healing.  Remember that you are not your emotions, you are simply the one that is experiencing them.  Your emotions, your thoughts, your story are not who you really are. 

Pluto in the 1st House/Aries

Pluto in the 1st house means the beginning of a new evolutionary life cycle, the individual like has a feeling of special destiny and requires freedom to explore.  It is this urge for independence that can make some Aries energy feel self-centered. 

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