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Release Negativity with a Cord Cutting Ceremony

This ceremony is when it is time for you to release something from yourself that has an energetic cord or attachment.  This could be about a relationship that has ended, a past relationship that you can’t seem to get over, or something that you are dissolving and changing in your life such as career or location.

Sept. 17 – Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon Is all about making a new start, and there is a desire to do things the “right way.” This is an excellent time to take care of your body in all ways possible.

  • Full Moon in Aquarius

August 3 – Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius full moon signals a once-a-year time of completions and endings linked to friends, organizations, and societies. If things aren’t working for you in these areas, this is a great time to wrap it up and bring it to a peaceful ending.

The Second House – Taurus/Venus

When considering astrological houses in traditional astrology, the Second House, ruled by Taurus/Venus, is usually associated with money, finance, and personal belongings. But Evolutionary Astrology is a bit different.

The First House – Aries/Mars Archetype

The first house carries the archetypical energy and meaning associates with Aries and Mars. Evolutionary astrology operates by the laws of three. Anytime you see the sign Aries, a planet in the first house, or Mars, know that these all carry the same energetic vibration.

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