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Practical Tips for Surviving Life at Home

We are going through unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic. The truth is 2020 has ushered in the birthing process of a new world order. Life as we know it has changed, and recovery will be slow.

We will not be going back to whatever “normal” previously looked like.

I accept that my avid traveling days will be on a hiatus indefinitely, and I also feel the collective fear that is emanating from these significant societal changes. However, I also see nature reclaiming and righting the destruction that capitalism, greed, and excessiveness has created. We will recover to create a world that is more balanced in structure, where wealth is distributed equally, and where humanity coexists on a global level. In the meantime, here are my practical survival tips for life at home.

Get into a schedule.

If you are working from home, identify your working hours. Take your usual lunch break and at least two additional 15-minute breaks that involve standing and stretching, you need a break from Zoom.

Wake up early.

I know not all of you are morning people but consider getting up 30 minutes earlier than normal. Take some time to reflect quietly in the morning and consider making yourself a healthy breakfast since you actually have the time.

Exercise daily.

I know the gym is closed, but this is not the time to take exercise out of your life. Many gyms are offering online classes, and there are many online videos to address any exercise practice. Consider adding yoga or a stretching segment to your workout. Establishing the mind/body connection through your breath is very powerful and healing.

Get some sunshine.

Spring is here early for many of us, and we need to enjoy the benefits. Get at least 20 minutes of sun a day if possible, this is more beneficial than a vitamin D supplement. Listen to the birds in the morning, smell the lilacs blooming, and take note of that amazing night sky, Venus has been shining brilliantly.

Eat healthily.

You are what you eat is a fundamental life truth. It is more important than ever to consume the vitamins our body needs for a healthy immune system. Plan your meals for at least three days and take the time to make nourishing meals that have plenty of vegetables, particularly leafy greens. More serotonin is produced in your stomach than your brain, so eating well also promotes mental health!

Get organized.

You don’t have to go full Marie Kondo, but this is a great time to go through your clothes, an old closet, that kitchen drawer that is the catch-all.

When you declutter your home, you also declutter your mind and increase your overall wellbeing.

Pick up your hobbies!

I will admit that my dogs often leave the room when I get out my guitar, but this is a great time to get back to hobbies that you once enjoyed or always wanted to try. Why not paint, write a poem, read a new genre novel, plant a garden, or learn to play an instrument? Take advantage of this gift of time, and who knows, you might uncover a hidden gift!


Get your face-to-face time with your friends and family. You must see the people you are separated from, including family and co-workers. Call Grandma while you eat your Sunday dinner and check-in with old friends. It is refreshing and humanizing to see our loved ones who are also going through these immense changes and intense times on Earth.

Take a break from the news and your Netflix binge.

Staying informed is essential, but so is taking a break from TV, putting the phone down, and unplugging from your electronics. You can take the information in but have a cut off time for watching the news and maybe get up after you watch two episodes back to back.

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