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Pluto in the 9th House/Sagittarius

Souls with Pluto in the 9th house have an evolutionary need to understand life in a metaphysical or philosophical, religious, natural belief system or context.  Sagittarius is the archetype through which humanity needs to explain its connection to the universe and world we live in.  These souls have a feeling of special destiny.  They seek principles that explain their connection to the universe and world.  They understand the truths that explain the world and universe.  These souls tend to be obsessed with the jungle not the trees (opposition to Gemini).  These souls are often natural loners in life.  Many have lived in diverse cultures and spoken different languages.  They often feel alienated in society.  They may have come from cultures that are so fundamentally different from the society they live in, that they feel like an alien.  Because these souls know they are part of a larger universe they can tap into these forces. Because of their deep awareness they understand the laws and principle behind these forces. Belief systems are determined by geographic location and collective development.  They might even over identify with a specific philosophy of religion for security.  They have a tendency to either impose their view on others or withdrawal.  They need to be careful they don’t fall into the trap of thinking their view of philosophy is the “right” one.  They need to be aware not to try to convert others to their belief systems.  There is a difference between teaching and indoctrination.  This is a soul who feels disoriented in life without meaning.

Common characteristics of people in the 9th house:  Deep feeling of alienation, intuitive, fixed in beliefs, value honesty, natural loner, philosophical, ability to laugh at life and find humor.

Famous people with Pluto in the 9th house:  Brad Pitt, Grace Kelly, Jude Law, George Harrison

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