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Pluto in the 12th House/Pieces

Individuals who have Pluto in their 12th house are learning the evolutionary intent to align themselves with a transcended belief system to realize the unity of all creation and to experience their individuality as an extension of the source of all creation.  Pieces represents the collective so it represents the whole of all the signs.  This archetype has an innate correlation with source energy.  They desire to dissolve all the barriers that prevent merging their power into the cosmic whole and realize the ultimate source.  The 12th house correlates to infinity.  This is also a representation of the ego merging with source.  These people feel like they are standing on a cliff needing to move forward, backwards, yet they are paralyzed from moving.  They have an unconscious fear or losing control in their lives.  Because of this fear they are prone to latching onto anything that makes them feel a sense of control in their lives.  A sense of lack is an essential experience for this individual because it promotes the ongoing evaluation of the soul in order to reduce its total potential which, in the end, is to consciously unite with its source or maker.

Common characteristics of souls with Pluto in the 12th house:  Deeply private and sensitive, they can take things to heart, share at their core, very emotional even if they don’t know it, giving in a silent way, naturally psychic.

Famous People with Pluto in the 12th House:  Marilyn Monroe, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Madonna, Steve Jobs, Kurt Cobain, Katy Perry

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