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Pluto in the 11th House/Aquarius

Those born with Pluto in the 11th house are learning to break free from all conditions experienced in their early home environment and years.  They often reject anything that tries to define them or tell them how to act.  They often feel themselves pulling away from mainstream society or anything that tries to define them.  Learning to objectify themselves through learning how to view themselves outside the confines of time and space.  These individuals are learning to identify the inner pieces that are no longer of value to them.  Through this process they realize how each piece influences every other piece, and thus the entire structure.  They need to eliminate what holds back their growth.  They need to explore all sorts of new approaches so they can develop innovative skills/experiences.  These individuals have a need to challenge society’s values and lifestyles.  These are people who have the ability to synthesize two things together in a culture and apply them in a new way, in relation to society.  These individuals can become antisocial on the extreme end of the spectrum.  Some might even work to bring down the system they feel alienated from.  They need to learn objectivity and attachment.  They can be rigid thinkers.  They might feel they experience a great deal of crisis in their life.  Uranus is the planet of sudden shock, change, and trauma.  Isolation can lead to sudden awareness for these individuals.  Real change occurs when like-minded people bond together to force change on an old system.  Most all 11th house Pluto people will have a deep sense of being different.  These souls have a need to link their individual purpose to group or societal change, they are natural leaders.  These souls understand group dynamics.  They can be visionaries who work towards social progress.

Common characteristics of people with Pluto in the 11th house:  Antisocial behavior or defending tradition, feeling of being different, obsessive/compulsive thought pattern, unique, sudden erratic behavior, good friend, hard to define, can be aloof.

Famous people with Pluto in the 11th house:  Albert Einstein, Bruce Willis, Bill Clinton, Woody Allen, David Bowie

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