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Pluto in the 10th House/Capricorn

This cardinal sign represents the beginning of a new cycle.  These souls are learning how to establish authority within a society.  Societies have laws, customs, and taboos to which people must conform so that society can function in a stable way.  Society represents collective authority that dictates how individuals are expected to conduct themselves.  Countries have borders and individuals have a positive function in society.  Those with Pluto in the 10th are learning to define their individuality through their social function.  Learning how to link their individuality to a higher social role giving them lessons in maturity.  The 10th house represents the culture we grew up in.  These souls often held positions of power in past lives.  These souls can penetrate into the core of how a system works.  Some know how to manipulate the system to get to the top.  They would rather be in control than have society control them.  They need to be creative and not overly identify with their career or abuse power they might have.  These individuals are learning to be responsible for their actions.  They come into life with subconscious patterns of guilt.  Some are unconsciously “punishing” themselves to atone for something in their past.  They need to identify with their role within society and then actualize it with discipline and commitment.  There is often a gender switch for this individual between this life and past life.

Common characteristics of people with Pluto in the 10th house:  Cycles of emotional withdrawal, need for social recognition and power, good organizer, natural leader, deep understanding of how systems work, ambitious, pragmatic, anxiety prone, may experience cycles of depression.

Famous people with Pluto in the 10:  Tom Cruise, Paramahansa Yogananda, Albert Camus, Eminem, Vladimir Putin, Pablo Picasso

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