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Pisces/12th House/Neptune

Key words:  Disillusionment, victim, martyr, survivor, illusions, priest, astral plane, fog, mystic, weak boundaries, surrender, subconscious, transcendence, wounded, suffering, innocence, suicide, lost identity, isolation, dreamer, dissociation, guilt.

Pisces is yin (inward moving energy), mutable (energy that changes form), water sign.  Pisces archetype is represented through sign, 12th house, and Neptune.  Pisces represents the consciousness itself.  Pisces ignited the desire to return to God of source of life.  Pisces has blind faith.  Pisces represents the natural way for the person to spiritualize their life.  The collective unconsciousness is context of consciousness that pertains to entire human spices, it resides within each human body.  Collective consciousness that pertains to entire human species, it resides within each human body.  Collective consciousness of all the totality of thoughts and vibrations existing at any moment in time, on the conscious level.

Instinctual with creation to culminate and return to source.  All things complete to begin a new cycle.  Return back to a state of non-dualism.  One door close and another opens.  In nature you are living and witness a natural life that leads to decay and death eventually.  Think of completing a book and getting to the last page, Pisces is like the culminative energy of getting the last page of a novel.  Pisces has no boundaries.  Think about your expectation about something?   What is your inner expectation, what is actually there?  Pisces is about seeing something for what it really is.  Pisces trades projection for the actual experience itself.  Through time and experience we learn.  Represents our relationships to the unknown.  Sacrifice life for something bigger than life and realize that parts of your needs haven’t been met.  Think about the last time you surrendered yourself to something greater to really feel Pisces energy.

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