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Mercury Retrograde June 18-July 12

Mercury is named after the Roman deity, who served as a messenger to the Gods. It is is a fast-moving planet that rules communication, short travel, technology, and information sharing of all kinds. Mercury’s energy is like the buzzing of bees pollinating flowers, busily sharing information with each other. When Mercury rests, it gives us time to relax and process what has occurred in the last few months. This can actually be a time of productivity and inward reflection. With four other planets currently in retrograde, the energy is truly about going within to redo, revise, and regroup. One of the valuable things that this three-week period offers is time to individuate. The retrograde accelerates the evolutionary process of becoming who you are as an individual. During any retrograde period, the soul is free to withdraw from any external circumstances that do not align with its true nature. This can actually be a period of accelerated inward growth, not just travel misfortune and broken electronics!

This Mercury retrograde will take place in Cancer. With the sign of Cancer, we are being asked to reconsider our attitudes and offering the space to organize our own thoughts and emotions. Cancer is a yin (inward) energy representing our sense of belonging and early home environment. While Cancer is the energy of the mother, the crab is defensive and, at times, indecisive.

Every Mercury retrograde is a time for truth bombs, travel snags, and technology hiccups. This is when an email will disappear, your zoom meeting will freeze, and traffic might be hell. Not to mention your communication and exchanges might feel “off” with everyone.

Expect truths to come boiling to the surface and skeletons to tumble out of the closet. You can see similar things happening as our country systemically addresses racism, police brutality, and COVID-19.

This is a period when the past comes up. You might find yourself reminiscing of a certain someone or time in your life. I wouldn’t go flicking through any photo albums during this time if you have the urge. Now is a time to redo, reassess, and reflect. Think of Mercury retrograde as a quarterly self-assessment of the soul. Mercury entered its shadow phase on June 2nd and stays there until it goes direct June 18th-July 12th. After that, we’ll see the shadow phase continues until July 27th.

Easy Mercury Retrograde Tips

  • Password protect your information and back it all up.
  • Wrap up important negotiations before the cycle starts and wait to sign documents until after Mercury goes direct. If you must sign a document, just be sure to read all the fine print.
  • Be careful with your language. Triple check texts, emails, documents.
  • Explain your intentions, so communication is clear.
  • Don’t buy new technology.

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