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Libra/7th House/Venus

Libra is an air sign, yang (energy moving outwards), and cardinal (the energy of beginning).  Libra is where we embrace the world of the social other, the shift from subjective to objective consciousness.  The impulse is to initiate relationships and learn the balance of relationships to self and relationship with others.  Learn about the relativity of values and beliefs.  Libra represents the principle of relativity.  With the archetype of Libra, we become aware of the needs of the other, we learn to truly listen to others and to give them what they need.  The lesson of Libra is to learn balances, balance is learned by experiencing all sorts of extremes and gradually learning how to center the self.  This is not the house of marriage, in evolutionary astrology the 7th house represents all relationships, not just those of love.  Libra teachers us diversity and through diversity we learn to discriminate, deciding who we want to spend our time around.

Relationships form over common ground.  When you are with someone you resonate with them.  Place an inherent value system and sense of self within the relationship.  Finding balance and harmony in relationship.  The ability to hear is part of the Libra archetype.  Libra teaches us about the need to separate and then come back more individuated.  Instinct to be social, tendency to sacrifice for others or greater good.  Libra makes us learn emotional and personal boundaries.  Lesson is to say no and invest time and energy into the right relationships.

In order to feel the energy of Libra thing about the last time you felt unfairness.  Feel the imbalance that was taking place.  Think of the last conversation you felt you were not heard?

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