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Leo/The Fifth House/The Sun

When you see the sign Leo, the 5th house, or the sun this represents our creative actualization in this life.  Leo is yang energy, outward and expressive.  Leo is a fire sign and the way we give expression, creativity, and color to our ego-self.  Leo is how we are seen; it represents self-actualization and how we deal with approval and feedback.  The sun represents the principle of integration and how we integrate and give purpose to our life.  Leo can be seen as somewhat narcissistic energy.  There is simply a feeling of “special destiny” and confidence associated with Leo energy.  This is where you burst out onto the scene, in your full glory representing the natural blooming of your character

To feel into Leo energy, think about the last time you felt rejected or like you were not seen.  You likely felt feelings of abandonment and insecurity.  Try putting new “color” into your day.  Remember Leo represents how you creatively express yourself in order to individuate so do something different today, even it if is just changing the wallpaper on your phone.

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