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June 5th – Full Moon in Sagittarius & Lunar Eclipse

Affirmation:  I seek new understanding

Healing crystals:  Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, Blue lace agate (anything that supports compassion & the spirit of adventure).

Chakra:  Sacral relating to relationships, sexuality, & creativity

Color: Purple

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is illuminated brightly by the Sun. It represents completion, the height of power, or the peak of clarity. A full moon has a powerful influence on us as spiritual bodies and offers energies that we can absorb. Sagittarius is part of the fire trine and yang (outward moving) mutable energy.

Sagittarius is the part of us that believes in (“something more out there).” The archetype of this sign also represents an invitation to connect with life beyond the horizons. Life is a journey that should not always be taken seriously – sometimes we need lightheartedness and laughter. Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet, is the lord light, representing expansive, jovial energy. The Moon is at her most optimistic and willing to release in the sign of Sagittarius. 

This potent sign represents all forms of natural truth, such as religion/spirituality, politics, education, and travel. When I think of Sagittarius energy, I think of the last time I was excited to learn something. Do you remember being excited about your first day of school or a big traveling event?  

This Full Moon is particularly intense because it is also a lunar eclipse! The eclipse brings in robust and quick-moving energy. With the Moon square Mars, you could also feel impatience, frustration, or a lack of self-control.  

Cleansing Prayer for the Full Moon

I am choosing to cleanse myself and release any and all thought forms, beings, situations, and energies that are no longer of service to my highest good…across all universes and across all lifetimes. I ask that all energies that are less than love be transmuted for the highest good of all, and so it is.  

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