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July 5th – Full Moon in Capricorn & Lunar Eclipse

Affirmation: “I trust myself and my decisions.”

Healing Crystals: Ruby, Agate, Garnet, Black Onyx

Chakra: Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine and relating to the world around us, including needs, security, survival, and manifestation.

Color: Deep Red/Burgundy

During this full moon, you might feel a strong need for being useful to society – go with the urge. Don’t underestimate yourself or others. Trust your inner values. Use the full moon to awaken your inner divinity and create beauty. One way to do this is to harmonize with nature, and the full moon offers us a powerful chance do go so. The full moon can bring clarity, so don’t forget to do your full moon ritual tonight.

This full moon is also another lunar eclipse, which occurs when the moon is full, and the earth’s shadow blocks its light. An eclipse heralds hidden fruits and obscure results. Nothing is quite as it seems, but all is not lost. A lunar eclipse is a time of mystery, magic, and revealing the hidden face of who we are who we do. We see the consequences of how we live our lives. The moon relates to our childhood, a time when we’re our most vulnerable. An eclipse might bring memories from early life that made us who we are today.

The sign of Capricorn is reliable, determined, ambitious, persistent, patient, and disciplined. The shadow side is rigid, workaholic, physical exhaustion, refusal to look inward, difficulty expressing emotions, and untrusting. Capricorn represents the life direction we take, which can be a career or whatever we do that expresses yourself in society’s larger system.

Capricorn is the archetype of the industrious breadwinner. Highly determined for success, their intent is often to find one’s position within the greater possible whole. Capricorn energy can be tough and often brings inherent feelings of shame and guilt. My south node is in Capricorn, so I try to take the positive aspects of being responsible and driven in life into the nurturing (Cancer north node) energy I am manifesting. The funny thing I have learned about those of us with Capricorn is we seem to get younger as we get older! We might have been born little adults, but our inner child can be released, and it is possible for all Capricorns to “lighten up” with age.

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