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July 20th – New Moon at 28º of Cancer

Affirmation: I nurture myself. My deep and powerful emotions enable me to be the Universal Nourisher, so that all that’s new may grow safe, loved, secure, well-understood, and cherished.

Healing Crystals: Moonstone, Selenite, Abalone, Agatized Coral (really, anything from the ocean)

Chakra: Third-Eye, relating to the psychic center of the soul and how you perceive the world

Color: Silvery Blue/Smokey Grey

A double new moon in Cancer! A double new moon is a phenomenon that doesn’t happen that often. It consists of a second new moon in the same zodiac sign. In this case, the first New Moon in Cancer occurred June 21st and the second on July 20th. A double new moon is a time to review the goals set in the previous cycle and adjust according to the progress of any situation. This is a very intense moment that can turn out to be confusing as well. This is the energy of a new karmic cycle that requires you to stand for yourself, while most likely confronting a figure or situation.

Cancer energy is yin, meaning it moves inward. It is also a cardinal sign (energy of initiation) representing the feminine/maternal energy, the womb, and the early home environment. Cancer is our sense of self and how we attach to what is familiar in our home environment. The Moon rules Cancer, which is a water sign, and we all know the powerful influence the Moon holds over our oceans and lives. Tonight, the Moon is her most nurturing self in her ruling sign.

The Sun is also in opposition to Saturn, causing a high level of intensity. Saturn brings tests, obstacles, and challenges. Make it a low-key day if possible. This New Moon is really all about being patient. Try to focus on love, not fear. During the last New Moon, I tried a new ritual that I really enjoyed. I wrote down all the things that I wished to happen before the next Full Moon, with intention and clarity. I then taped the paper to the window, so the writing was facing outside. If you feel like performing this ritual yourself, keep your goals posted until the light of the next Full Moon shines on it.

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