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Gemini Full Moon

This partial lunar eclipse with a Gemini Full Moon is illuminated by the Sagittarius Sun.  Lunar eclipses bring in a tremendous burst of energy like a super charged full moon.  A lunar eclipse illuminates what needs to be cleared away in our life, shining a light on all that is no longer needed. This very strong and impactful full moon illuminates where we are holding on too tightly and where we need to let go or shed some part of our life.  This process is sure to leave you feeling vulnerable, uncertain, or afraid of what the future holds, but the promise of this full moon is that a brighter season is coming for all of us.  If something falls away in your life then hold a feeling of trust that it is the right action. Eclipses are said to bring fated events that are aligned with our highest growth in mind.  If something exists your life trust that it was meant to be.  Endings are painful and, in our culture, we really don’t allow ourselves the proper opportunity to grieve.  Allow yourself to grieve your losses and permission to feel whatever comes up, even if it arises from the darker side of yourself.

This full moon carries a forceful female energy.  The asteroid Vesta reminds us to tend to our inner fire and connect with our creativity, strength, and passion.  Eris is a dwarf planet located beyond Pluto that causes strife and discord, she has been a heavy-handed player in all of 2020.  She is the goddess you didn’t invite to the party but crashes it anyway and brings total chaos.  When things are out of equilibrium, it is her energy that will ensure we all correct our ways.  She makes us grow no matter the pain.  Black Moon Lilith allows repressed emotions float to the surface so we can release, heal, and let them go.  Ceres is a goddess asteroid who represents fertility and renewal.  She reminds us to nourish ourselves.  She beckons us to make time for ourselves, spend time in nature, and practice any form of self-care.

Try one of these brief Full Moon rituals tonight:

  • Spend some time bathing in the moonlight even if it’s just 10 minutes (take advantage of witnessing this powerful partial eclipse full moon).
  • Take a bath or longer shower and enjoy the cleansing properties of the water (water is always associated with the moon). As you cleanse your body make an intention to cleanse yourself of any unwanted energy.
  • Sit a mason jar out with water and allow it to bathe in the moonlight. Add crystals like amethyst or rose quartz.  Be sure to bring it in the morning before the sun has risen entirely if possible.  You can use this enhanced water for your plants, bathing, or dump it in a ritual manor.
  • Light a candle, cleanse your home and your own body with sage or Palo Santo. Spend a few brief minutes in meditation (pull some tarot cards if that’s your style).

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