Full Moon in Leo January 28th 2021

The Full Moon in Leo marks the beginning of a new cycle. The Aquarius sun opposes the moon in Leo. This is a time of cultivation and the promise of fulfillment. The Aquarius-Leo polarity deals with the balance between all that is personal and all that is impersonal. The Leo moon is proud and intensely individual- not content with just being on the team.

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Scorpio New Moon

Into the watery depths we go with the 3rd and final super new moon of the year.  This new moon is going to be deeply emotional but also deeply healing.  Remember that you are not your emotions, you are simply the one that is experiencing them.  Your emotions, your thoughts, your story are not who you really are. 

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Release Negativity with a Cord Cutting Ceremony

This ceremony is when it is time for you to release something from yourself that has an energetic cord or attachment.  This could be about a relationship that has ended, a past relationship that you can’t seem to get over, or something that you are dissolving and changing in your life such as career or location.

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