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Capricorn/10th House/Saturn

Capricorn energy helps us define our career and personal goals.  The sea goat wants to climb the mountain and reach the crisp, clean air of the top.  For Capricorn, it all comes down to creating systems and structures that allow one to work at peak efficiency.  What are your career goals and what you need to do to streamline work.

Descriptive words:  Social position, authority, Judge, maturity, Depression, guilt, rigid, discipline, fear, isolation, ancestral, man mad law, boundaries, responsibility, repression, conditioning by family and society.

Capricorn is yin (inward energy), earth sign, 10th house, ruled by Saturn.  Capricorn in its highest vibration represents time and space, cause and effect, boundaries and motivation.  Realization that there is limited time to meet goals.  About accepting responsibility for actions.  Capricorn represents repression and suppression.  Follow the laws and boundaries of society can lead to feeling of depression.  Depression causes a state of reflection that is necessary at times to the unfolding of consciousness.  Depression allows the individual to become aware of what isn’t working and needs to change.

Capricorn is the process of forming a boundary or structure around something.  The bark on a tree is an example of Capricorn, it protects what is inside with a physical boundary.  The inside of your home is a boundary and we select who we let inside.  Boundaries are enforced by police and those who uphold the law.

Capricorn is about investing time and energy into something and watching it mature.  Provides a reflection relative to time that is showing us how we mature.  Think about how you experience safety and protection.  Also represents the emotional connection with memory.  Accountability, how we define reality, and what is real for us.  Take responsibility for life.  Emotional maturation through accountability.

To feel into Capricorn energy, think about the last time you crossed boundaries?  Did you become emotional or upset?  Did you experience displaced emotion? Did you experience emotional dysregulation as a reaction?  We often expect others to emotionally regulate us but we are the only ones who can emotionally regulate ourselves.  Capricorn reflects the archetype of wear and tear, biological process, and reminds us that anything alive will move into a stage of decay and aging.

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