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Aquarius/11th House/Uranus

Aquarius teaches us about clarifying our vision for the future.  Aquarius is ruled by the great awakener Uranus, the planet of sudden shock and trauma.  Aquarius energy is always ready to shake things up.

Descriptive words:  Liberation from conditioning, individuality, rebellion, group hysteria, secret societies, long-term memory, tribe, community, fragmentation, revelation.

Aquarius is yang (outward moving energy), earth element, 11 house, and Uranus all carry the same energetic vibration.  Aquarius represents liberation from conditioning patterns, parental, societal, and past life memories.  Uranus represents the subconscious or individuated unconscious mind.  When you repress something, it goes to the subconscious mind.  Uranus represents rebellion against the known to the limitations of society.  Uranus takes the individual from the conforms of society and liberates them to be an individual.  We often create a lifestyle that is a reflection of one’s totality.  The ultimate security is found within one’s self, not through acceptance from society.  Uranus rules technology, computers, electronics, and electricity.

The energy of Uranus is changing and breaking free.  We decondition and revolutionize, evolve and break free.  Associated with transformation.  Correlates with the nature of trauma.  Look at an event that shocked you, even just a close encounter to an accident while driving is the same feeling of sudden shock carried by Uranus.  Because of the shock the individual often experiences displaced emotion because the body can’t process what caused the “shock” until a later time.  This is how trauma becomes stores in our body.  Uranus is also related to unresolved childhood memories of rejection.

When trauma occurs, we become dysregulated and unable to process the emotion of trauma when we choose to belong to a group, value structure is similar to that of the individual.  We will naturally align with people based on our resonance with their value structure.  If we don’t resonate with person a sense of exclusion arises.

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