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Pluto in the 4th House/Cancer

This cardinal sign indicates a new cycle is beginning.  The lesson for these souls is learning that security is internal and not found in parents, jobs, lovers, or home.  These individuals are learning how to create their own emotional security from within.  Most of these individuals are born into difficult home and early life experiences.  One or both parents failed to give the child what they needed, even if by all means they had “good parents.”  They might provide financial security but no emotional security or unconditional love. If this soul does not get their emotional needs met, they are forced back unto themselves until they realize they will have to fulfill their own needs. These individuals have often had lifetimes with these experiences.  They often have karma with one or both parents and might even have subconscious memories of such encounters.  The memory of these past interactions can color their relationship between parent and child.  These souls often feel unappreciated, misunderstood, and insufficiently nurtured.  These souls might also feel a lot of repressed emotions that can cause issues by being displaced in anger, impulsiveness, or jumping into relationships.  There is a typical reliance on one’s past and ancestral heritage.  This soul might have been reincarnated to address potential karmic issues with a parental figure.  This soul wants to get to the bottom of things and often feels that they themselves lack “roots.”

Common characteristics of Pluto in the 4th house:  Emotionally intense and demanding, cycles of depression and optimism, emotionally manipulative, insecure, defensive, cruel when deeply wounded, loyal to those who are close to them, need to control the environment.

Famous people with Pluto in the 4th house:  Wolfgang Mozart, Che Guevara, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ben Affleck. Cindy Crawford

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