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12/21/2020 The Great Conjunction/Winter Solstice

To say 2020 has been a difficult year is truly an understatement.  2021 will bring in new progressive energy which will still be difficult to navigate but we can expect forward movement in society and our personal lives.  This is the last seasonal change of the year and the day the Sun enters Capricorn.  This is the sun’s lowest point in the northern hemisphere, which gives us the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  The Winter Solstice is the 1st day of Winter because it is a temporary stopping point before the light of the Sun begins to increase again by 1-2 minutes per day.  Candles, decorations, and holiday cheer remind us that this is a time that ultimately represents renewal and rebirth.  After the darkest night of the year, we follow the Sun’s increasing light and celebrate our own personal rebirth.  With the Sun entering Capricorn you might be focused on your career or standing in the community and society around you.

12/21 is also the date of the great conjunction.  Jupiter and Saturn will meet up to form one magnificent Christmas star.  Henry the IV was on the English throne and we were half way through the 100 years’ war, the last time such an event occurred in Aquarius.  This great conjunction is when both planets meet in the sky almost simultaneously, this is a momentous celestial event.  The last time this conjunction occurred in Aquarius was the year 1405! Jupiter and Saturn meet up nearly every 20 years.  This 20-year cycle signals the beginning of a new cycle.  Jupiter rules economic, political, and religious issues and Saturn rules business and systems of law, which covers everything that could affect your daily life.  This conjunction is a game changer.  Past Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions included events such as the Kennedy assignation, Vietnam War, and the social, political, economic change and transitions that come after these events.  In 2000 the conjunction foreshadowed 9/11, Afghan War, and the 2008 financial crisis that followed.  This conjunction is expected to mirror an unusual and possible revolutionary turning point toward a new and different world order.  All of this Aquarius energy is unpredictable and it makes it hard to know which way the ball will bounce, you can bet that in years to come after this event we will experience major turning points in global economics, climate change, and energy consumption.  This conjunction falls after election day but before Inauguration day.  Let’s all work together to get through the final astrological challenges of 2020 and co-create a new world where we love and care for all our brothers and sisters.

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